DOPE:Q&A w/Balize

Q&A With Balize by Evan B. Culture

EBC: What’s up bro? First off thanks for knocking out this interview with me greatly appreciate it.

Balize: No problem my brother

EBC: I’m assuming you got your name from the Central American country of Belize. Is that where you’re from? Or is there another connection to the name? Im not from

Balize however I did adopt the country's slogan which is "The Worlds Best Kept Secret" then I misspelled the name on purpose because I didn't want people to think that I was actually from Belize, but that ain't work at all because they still think I'm from out that way. Its all good though. So I'm Balize "the worlds best kept secret"

EBC: Right now you got the project, “Under The Mattress” out which is a real solid project. It’s hosted by Bigga Rankin who is a Jacksonville legend. How did he get involved with the project?

Balize: We had been running up and down the west coast prior to formally sitting down with Bigga and we felt a like we kind of disrespected by not rapping with Bigga being that we're all from the same city. It kind of felt like we broke a code or some shit. But when we sat down, we talked and the rest was basically history.

EBC: In addition to Bigga Rankin hosting you also got collaborations with Mozzy, Dave East, Nipsey Hussel and Que on the mixtape. How was it working with some of the top talent in Hip-Hop right now?

Balize: All credit is due to my brothers Clinton Wayne and Pnutt 20 states but the Que feature was Bigga Rankin, at any rate Im grateful. The process was fairly easy tho, we sent it in, we paid, and we kept it kicking, I really wished that we could have gotten a chance to get in the lab at the same time but schedules were at odds at the time but it's all love though.

EBC: You’re based out of Jacksonville, Florida which isn’t as well-known as some other southern cities when it comes to Hip-Hop music. Do you think it hurts not having that eye on the scene or is it an advantage being able to move under the radar a lil bit?

Balize: I think it's an advantage, I can move around under the radar until I'm able to point them in the direction where the "eye" is supposed to be looking so the city won't have poor representation on the worlds stage.

EBC: The video for, “Coogi” with Mozzy is out right now. Can we expect any other video coming off of the project?

Balize: Absolutely, you can expect the "Shower" video feat Nipsey Hussle and you can expect the "Make A Move" remix video with Ralo also you can problem gear up for the "The Man" video also. So we're not done working by far.

EBC: Can we expect a follow up to, “Under The Mattress” anytime soon?

Balize: Yeah but it will be a different vibe though.

EBC: Are there any artists or producers you got plans to work with in the near future?

Balize:Yeah D-Rich, Sonny Digital and maybe tm88, but mostly D-Rich. Que, Deeboi, Mob squad Nard, Kevin Gates.

EBC: Who are some artists you’re listening to on the regulrright now?

Balize: Kendrick Lamar is all I got right now for Inspiration.

EBC: Outside of music are there any other plans or ideas you plan on putting in motion?

Balize: Yeah I have 5-6 plans in motion, but I'd rather the public see it first before I talk them to death about it.

EBC: Anything else you want to tell the people checking this interview out?

Balize: Yeah follow me on all social media!

@balizeonline | Snapchat | Twitter | Instagram | Facebook |

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