EBC: How long have you been making beats and what or who inspired you to start?

1stBorn: Been making beats since ’07. [I was] inspired by my guy DJ Semaj. He always had the records on deck and all that and was a Dj. We used to go pick up the new vinyl and stuff [together]. He was on fruity loops and I went and bought the MPC and just went to work

EBC: You said you were born in LA and was raised in Tacoma. At what age did you move to Tacoma and do you still have roots in LA?

1stBorn: Yeah, we’ve been here since I was about 7 years old. My whole family is in LA and also the I. E., Pamona , Ontario, Riverside and all that.

EBC: So you and Tacoma rapper Bruce Leroy recently released the project “Home”. This is the second collaboration between you guys. When did you both start working together and how did it come about?

1stBorn: Yeah I met him through mutual homies and just hit him up on Twitter. I sent him a beat and he sent the super bootleg right back like the same night haha. This was like 2013 I believe. I don't know anyone that can rap better than him so I usually let him hear all my music first.

EBC: I really enjoyed the project and think the production on it was very strong and cohesive. Going into the project did you have a certain sound in mind or was it just kinda figure it out as we go along?

1stBorn: Na we just went for it. Like I said I usually send him the stuff I make that I think fits, but he's the only rapper that actually been in my laptop lol. He picked a few that I didn't hear him on, but it worked out. We just wanted to be diverse and not stay in that "boom nap" "hippity hoppity" thing, but we still had a few joints for the heads though.

EBC: You said you were influenced by J Dilla and Beats By The Pound. Those are two very different types of production styles. How do you think having a wide range of influence has helped you as a beat maker?

1stBorn: It helps the versatility. I just have an ear for music that's not set in one lane so I can make a lot of diff beats that don't sound the same. I like the hard drums and swing of Dilla joints, but the bounce and low end of the old school NO LIMIT joints. Also it's easy to stay inspired that way when your ear is open to different possibilities.

EBC: Now that “Home” is out is there anything else in the works for you and Bruce Leroy since the chemistry is so good?

1stBorn: Yeah we actually homies so we take a break and split and do our own things, but we will go back to the joint project again. I feel he's the best MC and he feels I have the best production overall so we know it works. We have already thought of a new sound for the next one we just have to start building it time permitting.

EBC: Are there any other artists you’re working with right now or anyone in particular we should be checking for?

1stBorn: It's a secret lol. Na I'm actually just chillin’ right now taking a break to build up my library. I'm working on a joint project with another dope MC from here right now. I don't want to say but just know he already had the ear of everyone. It's gonna be dope.

EBC: So on the “fan” side of things, what has been your favorite album or release of 2016 now that it’s almost over.

1stBorn: I wanna say that Isaiah Rashad and that Schoolboy Q actually. Good quality music right there man with the fresh sound. I listen to a lot of Nipsey too and anything that Jake One touches lol.

EBC: Anything else that you want to tell the people checking this out?

1stBorn: I appreciate all the support man. My music is influenced by this city and this region. We really got something special bubbling right now. Shout out to TACOMA!

Thank You!!!


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