Stream Alley Boy's "AlleyGod"

Atlanta' Zone 6 Alley Boy's drops his latest project, named "ALLEYGOD". 100 songs were put into creation before Alley Boy even decided to name this project "AlleyGod". Three of those records would eventually get their own "independent" release in the midst of the album's conception, by which Alley Boy had put together solo for the most of the recording process, only to get a lot of late submissions from the likes of 21 Savage and up-and-comers like Ola Runt, VL Deck, and Derez De'Shon.


1. Intro 2. Fish Fry feat. 21 Savage 3. Locked In 4. Heart Out feat. Ola Runt 5. Thick As F**k feat. Mi5ta 6. One More Number 7. No Vouchin feat. Don Ace 8. Turkey Bags Alley Boy 2:57 9. 6 Figures (I'm Str8) feat. VL Deck 10. Anyway 11. Grewed Up feat. Derez De’Shon & MaRLo 12. Loaded (feat. 800BBS)


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