Check out Ca$hier's newest single, "Make It Bounce" ft UGA Rollie

Over social media on Saturday night, Ca$hier promised his fans that he would be releasing a new single Sunday afternoon and he came through! This hot new single, featuring UGA Rollie is titled "Make It Bounce." Produced by The Beat Armada, this track is an instant club banger that will have you on the dance floor the second the beat drops. Even if you don't dance, this beat will make you move!

Like all of Ca$hier's music, this song is full of bars between both artists. Ca$hier and Rollie have no problem matching and maintaining eachother's enthuisasm as they switch off rapping right after each other, developing a smooth flow that makes it easy to put this track on repeat. Whether you're at the club, in the gym, or riding through town, this track is a perfect addition to your playlist!

Check it out now below:

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