When Don James and The Beat Armada team up to produce a track, there's no doubt it will be hot! "Reach For My 40" is not only a tribute to Slick Rick's "Children's Story," but it also reveals the love for a fallen friend from the Hilltop of Tacoma, WA.

Tacoma artist, Littoral, doesn't play around when it comes to reppin his city and showing love, which is exactly what he does in his 5th official video since taking his talent in music seriously. With his style of word play and seemingly aggressive presence, the So Active artist commands attention and respect as he raps over this classic beat.

Throughout the video, Littoral can be seen wearing a t-shirt that memorializes his friend, King Squeeze, aka Blacc Rob, who was killed this past July in a drive by shooting. Loved by many and taken away too soon, King Squeeze was supposed to be in this video, making Littoral's decision to continue on to film it that much more important. With the direction of Don James and Dosa Grove Films, Littoral does an amazing job in paying tribute to the memory of King Squeeze, providing an eternal life to the man he considered a brother and close friend.


For more music and updates on new releases, be sure to follow this talented artist at @2Littoral on IG, FB and Twitter.

Check out the video below:


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