If you haven’t been paying attention to RedHead before, you definitely will now as he once again captures attention with his new single "Direct Message."

Speaking on his own struggle as a young Black man, along with the struggles of Black people in general, he accompanies this powerful track with an equally powerful visual directed by YC Imaging.

Throughout the video, clips of police officers using excessive force against innocent and harmless young Black men and women are revealed as the track plays.

RedHead opens by saying, “ I ain't really political but the way the police are killin’ us, this shit is pitiful.” This conscientious rap goes on as RedHead’s passion on the topic of oppression, police brutality and the issues of the justice system grows. “How’d the color of your skin get you locked up in that pen? The system made for us to lose, tell me how I’m ‘posed to win? And I don’t want to scream ‘Free” another one of my friends. I just wish we were free like back when we were kids.”

The message that is portrayed is moving, powerful and extremely important in regards to what is, and has been, happening in America today with racial injustice, oppression, and police brutality.

Although not on the same level of intensity as Meek Mill's "Stay Woke," the same passion is recognized and appreciated from this young and hungry artist.

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