Seattle based rap artist, Travis Thompson, is making big moves in the industry since his collab with Macklemore and Dave B. Following his mixtape, Ambaum, Thompson released his newest album, YOUGOOD?, opening up about mental health and the dark side of his sudden increase in fame.

Travis Thompson's biggest strength is the way he can create dark, conscious raps and still maintain a positive vibe. The whole album was produced by Tyler Dopps, who did an incredible job at keeping the album light as Thompson raps about self deprecation, everyday life situations, and feeling like he isn't enough.

The album is 13 songs of lyrical genius, portraying his feelings as a young artist, watching his dad go through chemo, and being broke despite his comeup in the rap game. The video he created and directed with Dylan Fout perfectly reveals the general tone and message of the album.

The best thing about this almost 41 minute short film, that features sections of each single on his album, is that Thompson doesn't flaunt stacks of cash, foreign cars, chains around his neck, nice clothes and a gang of friends constantly around him. He keeps to his roots, moving through the city he grew up in, painting a picture of every day life. "They be talkin' scene shit, like I give a fuck, bitch/I'm still doing dirt with all the kids that I grew up with." Travis Thompson doesn't try to have that "fake it til you make it" facade. He keeps it real in his music, talking about everyday life, connecting with everyone who listens to his music. "My head been fucked up for a while if I'm being honest/Aint enjoy my blessings, too concerned if I deserved 'em all..." Travis Thompson speaks real truth with a solid flow and bars that make the dark thoughts seem less so, however they still can't help but hit home to everyone who listens.

Overall, this video was created very well, smoothly flowing between each track as it appears on the actual album. Travis Thompson does an amazing job at portraying exactly what his music is all about and we look forward to seeing what else this young artist accomplishes.

Check out the video below!

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