EBC: So man you’re from Norfolk, Virginia. Virginia is a place with so much musical history. How does it feel to be a part of that lineage?

MF: It feels good man. I love being from the city more the anything. (Norfolk) I feel like most talented people in the world live here in Norfolk Virginia. The 757 / Hampton roads area period. I really hope that soon I can be amongst those big house hold names that come from Virginia also.

EBC: Who are some of your local musical inspirations?

MF: I hate the word local man lol. Only because man .. we got some artist here that I feel like can take over the world. Unfortunately we don’t have a really big music scene. Main stream really don’t have an eye on this area. My inspirations are people like youngmoney yawn. Yawn is really from the city and I watched as he took over and made his dream a reality. He lets us know that its possible to make it out of Norfolk. Definitely one of my favorites. Him as well as Young Crazy.

EBC: I also understand you have an affiliation with the well know, “Head Hunters” battle league. What’s your role in that scene and are there any plans for the battle league in the near future?

MF: Yea man I stared head hunters when I was 17 years old, unofficially. My role in Head Hunters was everything. Creator, founder, security at times Lol. I ran the entire league. Bigg k actually

started on my league. I love Head Hunters, at least some of the relationships that Ive made from it. Definitely a great chapter of my life but I think it was just that for me. A chapter that I’m definitely willing to close. Its tough to do battle rap in the 757, its no loyalty in it. At this point I really only want to focus on passions of mine that really only involve myself. The time and energy put into Head Hunters Tv just to receive nothing back, at this point, I just rather put into myself. I may do it again but it would have to be beneficial to myself before anything else.

EBC: Now recently I’ve been seeing you flame some of the hottest beats from some of the biggest rappers in the game. What’s the idea behind these releases rather than releasing original material?

MF: Man .. I always had a passion for music but I was known to be behind the scenes in my city from doing head hunters tv, set radio, as well as throwing shows to showcase talent in my area. My little brother raps, his name is yung riq. He recently just was sentenced to 5 years in jail. I was behind him 100 percent and trying to back his career. At this point I was already moving away from not only doing head hunters tv but also putting my energy into other artist outside of my brother. I always rapped, just mostly at my shows or sometimes at my radio show when artist came up. My brother would call every day telling me I needed to rap. It took at minute but eventually I did it. I always had the “#iJustwannaDoDopeShit” idea but didn’t know what direction I wanted to go with it and I felt like the music was the perfect opportunity. The “#iJustwannaDoDopeShit” vol one project is just about completed. Im on part 4 freestyle and I’m going to wrap it up at part 6 or 7 and put the full project online. The response has been really dope so far for sure. “#iJustwannaDoDopeShit” simply comes from just that. Me just wanting to do what I feel like is just dope shit, you know ? Just me being myself pretty much. Instead of just releasing original music, I just wanted heat up before the summer and test the waters and give people of feel of who I am as an artist and slide in bits and pieces of what my subject matter would be with the original music. Original music is definitely coming when the summers starts.

EBC: Any plans for a full-length project or album from Malc Fisher anytime soon?

MF: Definitely, I’m cooking up ideas and content every night. I going to release an EP at the end of May, early June. Super excited about it for sure. I think the EP is going to be a full reflection of myself. I just want to be as honest as possible.

EBC: Who are some producers or artists we can look forward to you working with?

MF: I want to work with a producer by the name of Dante Lewis, I think he would be able to capture the sound and vibe I’m looking for. Right now the artist I really want to work with is Youngmoney Yawn but i know I gotta put in that work.

EBC: Who are some other artists from the Norfolk area we should be looking out for besides yourself?

MF: its a lot man ..

young crazy, amir driver, swagg, page, bigg k, yawn, etha,

Man .. i hope I’m not leaving anyone out. Its so many tho that are really good.

EBC: SO far in 2017, what have been some of your favorite releases from other artists to listen to?

MF: As I’m doing this I’m listening to kendrick new album and its dope so far. Drake album was really dope. Migos album was really good also. Etha dropped a project that was really good as well. Ross album is amazing.

EBC: Anything else you want to tell the people checking out this interview?

MF: umm .. I guess just follow me on IG @malcfisher and twitter @_malcfisher lol. Definitely more freestyles to come for sure. Ep is coming soon also and all in all I want to thank you all for allowing me to express myself on your platform and reaching out. It means a lot to me for sure. Salute


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